How important is the iPhone to Apple?

There’s a pretty vital update to Apple’s operating systems today… and the ease of access for iPhones specifically does rather tell the tale of where Apple’s fortunes lie.

Apple has overnight released a bunch of security updates for its mobile and computing devices, specifically targeting some rather nasty live exploits. For iOS and iPad OS, Apple covers it writing:

“…maliciously crafted web content may lead to universal cross site scripting. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited.”

For added fun, Apple was, it seems, notified by Google about that issue.

Meanwhile, for macOS, there’s also an update to macOS Big Sur bringing it to 11.3.1, covering the same issue with slightly different exploit reasonings.

All of which is great if you’re into your security briefings, but the key thing here is that if you’re running Apple gear, update it right now.

If you can. See, I saw these reports come in this morning and got active updating devices.

MacBooks running Big Sur? Took a little while as it’s a big update, but done.

iPad running iPadOS 14? Likewise — but this was pretty quick.

iPhone 12 Pro Max? Yeah… I’m still waiting on that one.

It knows there's an update. It knows how *big* it is. Can I get it? No, not yet.
It knows there’s an update. It knows how *big* it is. Can I get it? No, not yet.


The server knows that there’s an update to get, but it’s just so hammered right now that it can’t actually deliver it to me.

Which says, I think, everything you need to know about where Apple’s biggest market is, because it’s where its update servers are being most mercilessly slaughtered.

I’ll keep trying to update — and if you have an iPhone, you should keep trying too.

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