There is no stopping them. The Ants will soon be here…

Many, many things to write about — from Robotic Grannies to infants with lung infections to the bizarre sight of the rain on the plain falling mainly… in Hay. We didn’t see any residents in Hay, possibly because they were hiding in terror from the strange water falling freely from the sky…
In the meantime (and as I have a grumpy infant pestering me as I type this), has published another of my reviews:
Samsung U300: “The U300 may only be a GSM phone with some rather severe limitations – but it’s dead sexy. Is that enough?”
* Alex would like to point out that he, for one welcomes our new insect overlords. He’d like to remind them that as a trusted journalist, he can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves…”

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