You're looking at Planet Earth, Bop bop bop, bop bop bop bop…

That Simon Le Bon. A true lyrical genius, on a level with Vanilla Ice.
Still have plenty of tales of the road to write up. If only I wasn’t so darned busy just writing. A conundrum, no?
Still, it pays the bills, or so they tell me. One of the perils of being a freelancer is never quite knowing when payment will come in. Oh well, there’s always the fame I suppose. Come with me, and bear witness to my fame (or lack thereof)  with these these reviews, live right now at
Navman S80: “Navman’s S80 is a stylish GPS unit with a great display. It’s easy to use, will synchronise nicely with your Bluetooth mobile phone and is a snap to install. It’s a pity that it only runs a crippled version of the company’s excellent Navpix navigation, however…”
Hitachi MMP501B: “The MMP-501B is a huge GPS with quite a lot going for it. Its text-to-speech could be better, and we’re still not sold on in-car AV through your GPS…”
TomTom ONE XL:  “On the one hand, the ONE XL is a competent and effective GPS system that does what it says on the box; it routes you efficiently to where you need to go. On the other hand…”
Binatone Carrera X350: “Our only complaint here was that it consistently gave us contrary instructions, some of which could have been quite fatal. Perhaps it just didn’t like us, but we’re still trying to work out why it wanted us to continue straight into a gorge and fifty metre drop…”
Nokia 330 Auto Navigation: “Nokia’s 330 Auto Navigation system (or GPS to you and me) is, in many ways, a terribly conventional unit…”

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