Please Mr Crocodile, can I cross the river?

Man, but I’m bushed right now. Mostly because last night was spent recovering a dud hard drive — and when I say “last night”, I mean all of it — and then today, while parenting two young boys, I rather stupidly decided to mow the back lawn. All of it. It’s rather large, our back lawn; I suspect if we ever did sell the place, a developer would probably try to subdivide the block.
So I’m hot, tired, sweaty, a little bit green around the fingernails, and lacking in inspiration. So rather than appeal to your better nature, I’ll give you the short and sweet plug for each of my currently published “things”, and leave the purchasing/perusing decisions to you.
Netguide Magazine. Not covered in leaves, grass clippings and mud. Unlike me.The December issue of Netguide is chock full of my reviews; even moreso than usual. Apart from the usual product reviews, the cover story — “Top 25 Tech Gifts” — is one of mine. There’s something approaching 40 product reviews in this issue, all written and researched by yours truly. Perhaps they’re right when they say I’m burning the candle at both ends…
While you’re picking up Netguide, don’t forget a copy of PC User magazine; my review of the Netcomm N3G001W is within. No snappy cover image, mainly because they’re not as timely about getting their images up online.
Speaking of online, though, has a couple of my reviews up — and they’ve been up for a while, to boot:
DViCO TVIX 5130: “Ever tried making home brew beer?”
(also referenced here, for those who like contrast and context)

Philips DCP750: “Like far, far too many iPod-compatible accessories out there, Philips has taken the easy road with the DCP750. Or, in other words, it’s white…”
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m probably going to pass out. Or have another cup of coffee. Or pass out in a cup of coffee. Mmm… caffeine burns…

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