Things I understand. Things I don't.

This is possibly the single greatest thing in the history of the universe. Thinking may be required (although given I’ve found it, you could append “precious little” to the front of “thinking” if needed). But at least this I understand — and if I’m being honest, I’d like to work out how to do that to one of my own mice.
What I don’t get is this; it’s council cleanup/hard rubbish week in our street. We’ve put out quite a bit of junk, including some electrical items, now dead. And, as has happened every time we’ve had a council cleanup for the last seven years, someone has come along and snipped all the power plugs off any electrical item. All up and down the street, there are broken VCRs, Vacuum cleaners and tellies, all united in their bald, stripped down power cables, dangling in the wind.
Why? I mean, why would you bother? Is there gold in them thar plugs? A secret stash of crack cocaine? What is going on?

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