Telstra, Dell, Vintage Storage and sheer exhaustion

As I write this, I’ve been awake since 2am with the mother (and father, and possibly great-aunt) of all head colds. Yuck. I’m going to go crawl under a duvet and pretend to be dead, but don’t my zombie state let that stop the virtual presses. Not one, not two but three more articles to finish out the week, all at PC Authority:
Believe it or not, but Telstra BigPond is our new winner for best wireless broadband: “Telstra’s reputation as expensive crumbles in our wireless broadband test. Read why we believe Telstra is changing their ways, and why Telstra wireless is now finally attractive…”
Dell Laptop Buyer’s Guide: Inspiron R vs XPS vs Alienware: “If you’re looking for a mid-range Dell laptop, the range now includes the brand new Inspiron R, as well as XPS and Alienware laptops. So how does the value stack up?”
Vintage Tech: Ye olde 3.5″ floppy disks now surprisingly expensive: “We might laugh about 1.44MB floppy disks, but they were the storage medium champ of their time. And nowadays they’re not exactly cheap.”

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