3G, WiFi, PVRs and… Samantha Fox?

Don’t worry, the subject line will make sense shortly. Trust me. I’m a journalist.
Another round of articles hits the virtual presses. First up, at PC Authority, a bit of an early peek at the wireless broadband guide in the issue that’s still on sale now, looking at Vodafone’s offering:
Vodafone isn’t the fastest, but it’s the value wireless broadband to buy: “Vodafone wireless broadband is an excellent value prospect as long as ‘fast’ isn’t on your horizon. See why it fares so well against Telstra, Optus, Three and Virgin.”
Then at CNET.com.au, a pair of reviews across familiar territory: 802.11n WiFi routers and PVRs:
Topfield TRF7160: “A PVR that performs the essential PVR functions, but without much in the way of grace.”
Belkin Double N+ Wireless Router F6D6230au4: “Belkin’s latest router performs adequately, but not quite well enough to justify its asking price.”
Before finishing up at MacTheMag with an article whose title was inspired by perhaps the cheesiest of cheesy 80s pop hits. Embedded below for your aural… erm… pleasure. While Apple never says anything about anything it’s planning to do, I’m confident this won’t be the advertising theme song for the iPad.
MacTheBlog: Touch Me: “So the rumours go, all sorts of features of iPhone OS are going to leak over into Mac OS X 10.7…”
And now a little something to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Insert evil laughter here.

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