In the middle of a cold Winter’s day this week.

This should, perhaps, have come as something of a surprise, if I wasn’t in fact running around writing stuff faster than should be technically possible, and thus not always paying as much attention to my immediate surroundings as I perhaps should be.

Thankfully, I’ve got a short holiday break coming up to recharge the very depleted batteries. But the busy nature of my week has led me to miss a few stories recently published.

First up, a duo of reviews for

Billion BiPAC 7300N Draft 802.11n ADSL2+/Broadband Router: “No matter what you do, you’re still going to end up with equipment that resembles a high-tech hedgehog.”

Samsung SBH700 Stereo Bluetooth Headset: “Samsung’s Bluetooth stereo headset has a sporty look, but fails to cross the finish line properly.”

Then, at

Australian TiVo — now with less: “Ad skipping, home networking and download stores bite the dust, but is the cheap price enough?”

And then, at PC Authority:

Telstra climbs on the iPhone bandwagon: “Telstra will have units on July 11th — and they’re even talking pricing.”

Speaking of both Apple and PC Authority, I’m also in print for this month’s issue of PCA, covering the Apple pages with a rich, fruity mixture of opinion, reviews and news of all things Jobsian. As well as a stunning headshot of yours truly, just in case you didn’t know what I looked like. Or at least what I looked like in a cheap Hawaiian Shirt, back when I still had the goatee working. Hmm… should I re-grow the Goatee? Now, there’s a thought….

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