And again, if you know the answer to that one, you’re as old as I am. I certainly feel old today.

Which is a clumsy segue into a story about another old man, this time at

Read Bill Gates’ scathing email about “unusable” Windows: “The Ex-MS supremo found Windows “unusable”. But which version?”

0 thoughts on “Okay, what’s the procedure for the approach of a humpback bridge?”

  1. More classic Young Ones time! Shamelessly stolen from an appropriate web page:

    Vyvyan: Ah, true. Okay, what’s the procedure for the approach of a humpback bridge?
    Vampire: Approaching a humpback bridge, you should slow down and check in both rear-view mirrors. If no-one is behind you you should RIP OUT A VIRGIN’S THROAT AND-
    Vyvyan: Ah-ha! Ah-ha! Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha! Driving instructor my bottom! You’re a vampire and there’s no denying it!
    Vampire: Oh Outspan!

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