Setting the books free!

It’s not much, but in these trying times everything hopefully helps. If you’re  stuck at home or in isolation and after something to read, both of my books, Sharksplosion and Fifty-Two can now be yours for absolutely nothing.

We’re all under an immense amount of stress at the moment, and I’ve been pondering what I can do. Over on YouTube I’m slowly assembling tips for working from home as quick videos, and folks seem to like those. But I wanted to do more.

So I’ve decided to make my self-published books free for you to enjoy. They will cost you nothing more than the cost of the data to download them to the e-reader of your choice.

Sharksplosion is an action adventure novel with… well, it’s full of exploding sharks. Lots and lots and lots of exploding sharks. It’s not at all serious, as if a title like “Sharksplosion” didn’t really give that away.





Fifty Two is a little more serious. At least in parts. It’s a collection of short stories I wrote in exactly a year — hence the title, with a little bit of humour, drama, horror, love, death and guys called Dave for some reason.




Yours for free. They’re free now on Smashwords and that pricing drop should flow through to the likes of Kindle Stores and iBooks and such directly if you prefer to source your reading material from there; I’ll update with those links once I’m sure they’re live.

You can grab Sharksplosion from Smashwords here.

You can grab Fifty-Two from Smashwords here.

If you enjoy either book, then you’ll be happy and make me happy. I think we could all use more happiness right now.

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