Can NBN cope with coronavirus lockdown, is Apple’s new iPad Pro a winner?: Vertical Hold ep 270

NBN Co raises CVC to help out Aussies stuck at home thanks to COVID-19, while Apple launches new pricey iPad Pro tablets and more affordable MacBook Air amidst the current crisis in the latest episode of Vertical Hold!

Vertical Hold is brought to you by Aussie Broadband

We’re joined this week over the increasingly-under-pressure NBN by Supratim Adhikari from the SMH/Age to talk how the national network is responding to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic as many Australians isolate and try to work and study online.

Meanwhile, Apple’s timing for its iPad Pro launch couldn’t be more unfortunate, but what’s behind the tech? We chat to Leigh Stark from Pickr to see what’s worth getting excited about from Apple in the latest episode!

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