Save 25% on Fifty Two or Sharksplosion for Read An eBook Week 2019!

Grab some top-notch reading and save on my entire eBook catalogue!

So, my digital publisher of choice, Smashwords is running a promotion to encourage folks to read eBooks. I just so happen to have a couple of those that you can buy, and I like the idea of promoting reading generally, so it seems like a superb fit!

So for the next week — strictly speaking, 11:59pm on Saturday March 9 Pacific Time in the US — if you buy either my short story collection, Fifty Two, or my exploding sharks novel, Sharksplosion, you can save 25% off the cover price! You could buy both for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

Smashwords sells books that you can then download in a variety of formats, so they’ll work with your phone, your tablet, your Kindle, your Kobo or any other kind of eReading device!

Fifty Two is a collection of 52 short stories, covering science fiction, history, love, death, bees, guys called Dave and well-read spiders… to name but a few. I challenged myself some time back to write more in the short story format, and fifty two was the result.

It’s a great read if you want something short to dip into.

Click on this link to get Fifty Two for 25% off!

Sharksplosion is as serious as the name suggests. It’s a thriller with an Australian flavour, and, of course, more exploding sharks than any other novel. Guaranteed.

Also, every single action and spy movie scene you could think of, several you couldn’t, and, of course, exploding sharks. Exploding sharks make every scene better, I think you’ll find.

Click here to buy Sharksplosion for 25% off!

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