Quick to the point, to the point no fakin'

Mmm.. bacon.
What a bizarre week, filled with unwell children, unco-operative chicken coops and difficult questions. And, naturally enough, yet more work published online. PC Authority covered off my thoughts on scoring cheaper iPhone apps:
Amazing Apps for your Phone: Here’s how to get cheap iPhone apps: “Pricing varies — and there is a lot of free content out there — but even if they were all only priced at the lowest local paid price, $1.19, you’d be looking at $77,350 to buy them all. And about forty iPhone 3GS units to hold them all, but we digress.”
Meanwhile, CNET.com.au published my review of Dell’s stylish iMac-a-like:
Dell Studio One 19: “It’s a fair guess that anyone buying a system from Dell will know who they’re buying it from. Dell’s not taking any chances however, and every single component of the system bears a prominent Dell logo.”

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