They picked the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota…

For whatever reason, I cannot get that darned song out of my skull. Even good old standby songs, like Kenny Roger’s “The Gambler” can’t throw it out of my head.
While I hum along to Weird Al (and curse the fact that for whatever reason, “Internet Leaks” isn’t available on the Australian iTunes store yet), amuse yourselves with yet more reviews. It’s been a busy week, and nowhere have I been busier than at
LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone: “Remote access doesn’t get much simpler than LogMeIn, but don’t expect it to do absolutely everything for you.”
Jabra M5390 USB: “Jabra’s business-centric Bluetooth headset might be pitched at the boardroom, but it made us feel like we were stuck in a call centre.”

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