Dance your cares away…

We currently get our fruit and vegetables through a co-operative arrangement with a company called Harvest Hub. Incredibly good value for very fresh veggies and fruit, and I’m now stunned when I go through the average supermarket at the vaguely slimy stuff that gets passed off as “fresh”.
Anyway, the one minor drawback with outsourcing your vegetable provision is that you lose a certain element of choice. This is OK by us — we’ve informed the Harvest Hub people as to the relevant allergies and extreme dislikes that the family won’t eat — and it works well within what’s seasonally fresh anyway. You could pay a fortune for out of season fruit — but it’d be that largely flavour-free snap frozen stuff anyway. So what we get is sometimes a mild (but not unpleasant) surprise.
Today Di unpacked this week’s box of wonder, and pulled out a bunch of radishes. With a glint in her eye, she turned to me.
Di: “You know what I could do with these, don’t you?”
Alex: “What?”
Di: “I could make Fraggle traps!”

There’s a reason why I love that woman with all my heart.
Meanwhile, the march of publishing carries on. Contrary to the experiences of many, I’ve had a reasonable week with Apple’s new “Snow Leopard” operating system, and I’ve noted my observations of this over at MacTheBlog:
MacTheBlog: Snow Fun: “Snow Leopard told me it would take around 45 minutes to install, so I went and made myself a sandwich and watched a previously recorded episode of American Dad. Around 45 minutes of munching and giggling later, my Macbook had rebooted and Snow Leopard was all mine to play with.”

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