Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me for sure…

Sure, Dionne Warwick might sing that… but when it comes time to clean round the back of the toilet, where is she? Nowhere to be seen, that’s for sure!
Meanwhile, the November issue of Australian Personal Computer, with its very yellow cover*, landed in my letterbox a few minutes ago. Unless I’m very much mistaken, it’s the first issue with something of mine in print since late 2001, when a review of MechCommander II graced its pages.
I’ve been writing online for for a while, but a brief news piece I wrote about Sony’s very attractive (and very expensive!) 25 Megapixel Alpha 900 camera made the news pages, based on an initial Web report I wrote. Presuming my mail delivery person didn’t break into the APC offices to steal me a copy — which, let’s face it, seems unlikely — it should be on newsagency shelves now.
* Yellow, is, apparently, an attractive colour that entices consumers to buy… and, as an ad sales type once tried to convince me, this is why Symantec have yellow boxes for all their consumer AV products, and why McDonald’s uses yellow extensively. Then again, McDonald’s also utilises a very creepy clown to sell its alleged “food”, so perhaps the use of yellow is just some kind of smokescreen…

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