But I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more…

What a daft lyric. I mean, it’s all very inspiring and all, and I’m sure given the Proclaimers’ generally energetic walking style that it’s highly aerobic to boot… but then the 1,000 mile trek just to fall over? She’s going to take one look at the sweaty, unconscious mess in front of her, and then go off with the smarmy looking guy in the leather jacket instead, guys…
All of this has no bearing on my writing work, however. That was what you were here for, right?
Well, in a predicably Apple-y way, there’s this at PC Authority:
First Look: The New Apple Macbook: “Is Apple good at design? Usabilty? Both or neither? Also, where has all the Firewire gone? Alex Kidman has been testing Apple’s new Macbook and gives his first impressions.”
And then this news piece, with nothing to do with Apple, at APCMag.com:
Samsung announces the 7.9mm TV: “Time to throw away that existing LCD or Plasma — it’s a chunky beast. Or at least, that seems to be what Samsung, Sony and Philips are thinking.”

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