An… interesting fortnight.

(warning: Personal content ahead. I’ll get back to rabid article self-pimpage another day)
Interesting times abound at Kidman HQ, especially over the last two weeks. My beloved wife has had a two week prac placement at a local pre-school, which means I’ve jumped back into the role of being a stay at home daddy during the day and working person at night.
Actually, work has permeated the house in a way that it normally doesn’t, thanks to the fact that Di’s been doing all her observations and lesson plans each evening; as a result she’s been working roughly 19 hour days.. for a fortnight. She’s kinda tired, and so am I.
Still, while there have been challenges in the past two weeks (especially as the first week was also still in school holidays, meaning not only could we not go anywhere particular, we also had three kids at home), what really surprised me was how much (in a way) I missed it. I’ve been working flat out these last six months to make ends meet (tricky in these interesting financial times, and even moreso with three kids), and not had a whole heap of “family time”. Having to keep 2-3 kids happy over a fortnight… and run a house… and write… has been hard at times, but also massively rewarding. I’ve spent fun time with all three kids, and made some important decisions for their future as a result….
Except for the whole Mr 4. school decision. That one’s doing its best sword of damocles to my head right at the moment, in agonising fashion. Nobody ever said being a parent was without its stresses, right?

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