I just can't believe all the things people say…

Back in Prince lyrics territory today. Clearly, today’s all about being in comfortable territory for me. Either that, or I’m very tired, and need something with a hard funk edge to keep me motivated.
It’s probably more comfortable territory than anything else, however. And with more than a decade’s experience writing reviews under my belt, I should be pretty comfortable with those, too. Like these two examples, live today at CNET.com.au. Funk not supplied. You’ll have to make your own.
Toshiba Satellite A300: “Toshiba’s A300 certainly stands out in a crowd, but its battery life means you won’t be out in the crowds for long.”
Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset: “The local Carcharias species that most Aussies would be familiar with would be the Grey Nurse Shark, noted for being relatively slow, placid creatures. We’re not sure that’s the image that Razer was after, all things considered”

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