I'm like a maniac at the end of the day, I'm like a doggie barking at your door..

iTunes is throwing some seriously odd song choices at me today. I’m beginning to doubt that whole “Genius” thing. Then again, if the above lyric isn’t genius, it’s insanity, and they’re tolerably close for most intents and purposes.
As if to counterpoint yesterday’s discussion of the whole media ecosystem print/online thing, I’ve got a couple of articles published online for your enjoyment. First up, with my news/blogging hat on at PC Authority:
Mac Authority: Today’s Apple rollout: iMacs, Mac Minis, Mac Pros, pricing, keyboards: “Let’s have a new Apple everything, shall we? Alex Kidman ponders todays Apple’s glut of new products including the new Quad-Core Nehalem Mac Pros and iMacs…”
And then, direct from Alex Testing Labs*, a product review for GadgetGuy:
LinkSys Media Hub: “LinkSys has managed to take one of networking’s most dull acronyms – NAS (Network-attached Storage) – and turned it into a pretty desirable bit of consumer kit.”

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