From all over the world, the people came…

A special no-prize to anyone who can name that semi-obscure Prince track without using Google.
A quick burst of news writing yesterday for PC Authority led to this. Yes, it was live yesterday, not today but in between then and now I’ve been busy being checked over for cancerous growths. The line of the day, by the way, came from my skin specialist:
“I’m sorry to inform you Mr Kidman that it’s something much worse than Cancer. Old age.”
My skin specialist has a dark sense of humour, and I like that. I also like not having any skin cancers, despite a number of highly worrying moles, all of which are, as per the quote above, to do with natural aging causes. Not of the Monty variety. And if you get that reference, then you’re as old as me…
I’ve also been busy writing several hundred words for print and worked out (once again) that I own too many games to adequately finish. Anyway, on with the, as they say, show:
Rudd stimulus inspires the Kevin37, a TV priced at $900:The Kevin Rudd inspired KEVIN37 HD television is priced at exactly the value of the Federal Government’s $900 stimulus package, and there’s even a promo T-Shirt.”

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