Freelance Frenzy!

So, what did I get up to this week? As has been documented elsewhere, I formally signed off from the editorship of Gizmodo Australia and walked back into the world of freelancing, which means I’ve been slowly getting back into serving multiple masters and producing content, although not quite at the rates I once did.

A quick thanks to everyone who’s helped me out during what’s been a really tough time; your comments are genuinely appreciated (as are the offers of work!). Speaking of which, my busy nature over the past week meant that I missed promoting a couple of pieces of work of mine that actually went up last week. Over at, I wrote up how to recognise (and break) the rules of working from home:
Breaking rule #1 about working from home: “The first rule about working from home is not to be distracted by all the shiny new things on the Internet. But turning yourself into a recluse isn’t the answer, argues Alex Kidman.”
Over at ABC Technology and Games, the dawning of a new month meant it was time to wrap up all things Apple:

Apple in May:
“iPhone secrecy, software updates and Woz in Oz”
This week also saw Australian PC User formally morph into TechLife, and the first issue went on sale on Wednesday. I’ve got a few pieces in the launch issue, including mobile games and tablet reviews. The TechLife web site is also now up and running as well. I used to tell you to head down to the newsagency and pick up PC User, and while that’s still a totally viable tactic, TechLife should also be available for the first time on iPad shortly.
Image: sburke2487

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