Once more in the cold, cashless embrace of St Francis de Sales

It’s been a while — quite a while — since I’ve noted down published works of mine here. But today heralded my first online freelance work in a while — but hopefully not the only work I’ll have for a while.

OK, that’s actually an image of the other St Francis. I couldn’t quickly find any free images of St Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalists anywhere… and there didn’t seem to be a patron saint of freelancers. Perhaps there should be.
In any case, over at Bit.com.au, I’ve written a quick piece on the legal implications for small businesses hoping to use the new streaming services that are emerging in the Australian market — things like Spotify, Rdio and so on. It’s not all pay-once-and-never-worry again:
Streaming music and your business: Don’t get caught out
“With the launch of Spotify Australia, streaming music services are at the media forefront right now. But before you start streaming your music subscription around the office or shop, be aware of your legal obligations.”
Also, over the weekend, I appeared on Radio National (and online) on Download This Show; you can still download and listen to me say “heck” a heck of a lot if that entertains you:
Download This Show
“When you look at your Facebook news feed, do you sometimes wonder why some posts hang around forever while others seem to disappear without a trace? Why has Facebook chosen to highlight certain people in your digital life? This week we consider Facebook’s EdgeRank – it’s part-engineering, part-psychology and it connects over 800 million of us. Plus, you’ve heard of safe sex – well we’re experimenting with safe sexting – and an app that aims to give some control over your risque images.”
Image: Clinton Steeds

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