Busier than some kind of metaphorical thing…

You want words? I’ve got words — or at least I did, until I sold them off for CRAZY prices!
Which is the polite way of saying there’s a lot of my content out there for you to read right now.

At Hydrapinion, I’ve started the day right — with a contentious headline:

Is the iPhone doomed?
“I was having a discussion about smartphone sales the other day — why yes, I do lead that kind of exciting, thrill-packed life — and in particular the inevitable Android vs Apple bit came up…”
At Geekspeak, an explanation of Microsoft’s Windows pricing policies

Windows Isn’t “Expensive” Any More:
“For many years, if you wanted a full boxed copy of Windows, it would cost you a fairly hefty sum, into the many hundreds of dollars if you were after the top tier version of whatever Microsoft’s current operating system happened to be.”
At CNET Australia, a review of a rather unique colour laser multifunction printer, with a bonus mention of Dragonheart:

HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275:
“HP’s 3D-capable MFC has a unique gimmick, but it’s one that will only appeal to a tiny niche of users.”
And at Techlife, a whole raft of content:

Apple’s EPEAT backflip highlights why you should use your PC for as long as possible:
“Apple made some waves late last week by taking its products off a list maintained by the US government designed to give environmental ratings…”
Free In-App Purchase: Why it was a bad idea on several fronts: “Too good to be true? A Russian hacker’s purported ability to provide free in-app purchases should always have been viewed cautiously.”
Telstra’s T-Hub 2 looks back to the future: “Telstra’s updated its T-Hub phone/tablet hybrid product… which is good, right? Except that it’s a much older version of Android… which is bad, right?”

Get Microsoft Office 2013 for free right now:
“Microsoft’s shown off the latest iteration of its evergreen Office suite, as well as making a consumer preview available…”
Telstra’s 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot goes prepaid: “Telstra’s announced that its 4G Wi-Fi hotspot — reviewed in this month’s TechLife — is now available for prepaid customers.”

Steam Summer Sale: Good bargains, but don’t overspend:
“It’s not actually Summer on this side of the globe…”

Foxtel’s Olympics comes to tablets, sort of:
“Good news, Pay TV junkies! Foxtel’s made the jump to the tablet age with a dedicated Olympics app…”

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