Sir, can we take a break? It appears my intelligence circuits have melted…

Another day, another set of… wait a minute… I’m writing about Red Dwarf now?

Well, yes and no, really. The sad state of affairs that saw Red Dwarf star Robert Llewellyn’s home office burgled led me to writing it up for TechLife, as there’s some solid lessons to be learned from his very unfortunate experience:
Red Dwarf star Kryten’s burglary is a tech lesson for us all: “How one man’s loss of IT gear highlights security and backup lessons we should all think about.”
Also at Techlife (and pretty much everywhere else online), Microsoft’s low-key announcement of Windows 8 availability
Confirmed: Windows 8 hits your PC on October 26: “Official launch date outed, but there’s still plenty of time for you to play with the Release Preview.”
There’s just a tech angle in everything these days, it seems. Even bananas.
(Equally, if anyone did want to pay me to write about actual Red Dwarf…. you know where to get me. Just putting that out there…)

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