Scams, SIMs, Lemmy, VPNs and Tablets

A real mixed offering of writing today, with a little bit of everything from the stupidity of “free” Facebook offers to using VPNs for more than just corporate security.

Over at Techlife, a couple of columns covering Dual SIM phones and why your own brain is the best weapon against scams:

Social scams: the best defence is your brain:
“You can’t escape scams online, even in the social network age. But you can evade them, and the best tool for the job isn’t really software or hardware — it’s your head.”

Do dual-SIM phones make twice as much sense?
“LG’s just launched a range of new budget smartphones, including the dual-SIM capable Optimus L2. Why would you want two SIMs in a smartphone?”
Meanwhile, over at Geekspeak, a look at Google’s Nexus 7 plans… while I wait for my pre-ordered Nexus 7 to arrive:

Google’s Tablet Future: Will Cheap Tablets Win?
“Even the high-end tablet makers — Samsung and the like — may find it tough going to get people to buy their Android tablets when there are cheaper alternatives such as the Nexus 7 around.”
And a quick primer on VPNs at the consumer level:

VPNs: Not Just A Business Tool:
“VPNs — which stand for “Virtual Private Network” — are often seen as just a tool for high-end business users who need to encrypt serious secrets — but they can offer both security and access to just about anybody with an Internet connection.”
And to finish up with, a song I’ll always associate with human beings the size of amoebas and sticky buns…

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