A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do…

That subject line’s basically just there to get stuck in my wife’s head.
An odd week in Alex publishing, that’s for sure. Where should I start?
Oh, yes. Copyright. A kind poster pointed out to me that a somewhat inconsequential games review that I wrote for this blog (and only for this blog) was being ripped off without any kind of attribution. That stuff happens online, but it’s annoying, especially when you consider that creating content is what I do for a living. The weird thing here was that the text was grabbed.. for a YouTube video review.
That I did not expect. It did make it a lot easier, however, to put in a copyright complaint. Sometimes these things can take ages, but with due credit to YouTube, when you head to the page that had the “review” on it, you now get this:
I wonder if it’s possible to get a copyright claim quote popular enough to be on the YouTube homepage? Probably not…
Next up, the world of print publishing. While I was off being very ill indeed, the Australian version of Netguide magazine folded. Bummer. The New Zealand operation (run by a different company) is still out there, but I won’t be contributing reviews to that edition. Especially in light of this (with credit to MediaConnect, where I just read about it, but can’t link to) rather interesting “reviews scheme”. I strongly suspect the readers won’t be told about that little wrinkle in the “reviews” process.
Netguide as a distinct Australian publication in the meanwhile has become its own section in Australian PC User magazine. Just to confuse you, though, I’m not currently writing for Netguide-The-Section, but I am all over this month’s PC User itself. First up with a comprehensive (and somewhat deafening) review of 20 different iPod speaker docks. Then with standalone reviews of the Netcomm NP201AV 200MBps AV Homeplugs, Ricoh CX1 Digital Camera, HTC Magic Smartphone, Acer DX900 DualSIM phone and Sony Bravia KDL22S5700S TV. It’s on sale now. You know what to do.

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