It's time to start the countdown…

While I was off enjoying the fine sights of Toormina (population 6,511, and yet somehow it supports a massive shopping centre with two games stores in it…), some of my hard yakka was paying off. Well, in publication terms anyway. I’m sure a requisite amount of Zlotys will be making their way into my bank account any day now.
Anyway, both are interesting for different reasons. Firstly, there’s this at
Belkin Switch-To-Mac cable: “Belkin’s Switch-To-Mac package performs adequately, but at a high price for what’s likely to be a single use cable.”
Which is notable in that there’s about five words per centimetre of cable in this review. Not sure what that means, but anyway…
And then for those who think I never actually shut up, there’s the latest edition of MacThePodcast:
Episode 14 — Syncode: “MJCP and Alex Kidman chew the fat with Matthew Lesh and Matt Roberts from iPhone app developer Syncode (whille Syncode’s designer, Tom Ricciardello, listens in from an undisclosed location). Topics covered include Syncode’s flagship app iTweetReply, dealing with the App Store approval process, interacting with Twitter the company as well as twitter the service, and what the future may hold for push. Also: iTunes Blu-ray rumours, HD downloads, the high cost of GPS and the “banning” of Microsoft Word.”

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