Morbo can't understand his teleprompter because he forgot how you say that letter that's shaped like a man wearing a hat.

On the plus side of bad back pain: More time to watch old episodes of Futurama. I’m trying to be positive, you see.
Actually, things are slowly looking up, and I’m slowly getting back into work, which is good. Somebody’s got to earn a living, and the children keep complaining about “needing to eat” and such fripperies. I’m sure I wasn’t like that when I was younger.*
For MacTheBlog, I wrote the following commentary:
Apple’s tablet plans — they’re fully sick: “By this time next week, you’ll be holding a shiny new iTablet with enhanced multimedia functionality and a special attachment for removing stones from horses’ hooves.”

And for — who celebrated their fifth birthday this week — I wrote the following review:
Dvico TViX HD R-3300 HD Digital Jukebox + Ultimate PVR: “TViX’s supposedly HD PVR promises to be the “ultimate” PVR. We can’t help thinking that “basic” would have been a better appellation.”
Five years ago this week, I wrote this. Well, I published it, technically speaking — it was written a week or two before, for the soft launch of the site.
*This is of course a lie. I was never younger.

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