2013: Week Six: Not much to see here

A quiet week on the publishing front, but then it was an unusual week.

Image: tchandok
At the ABC, my feature on Apple’s fortunes over the holiday period went up:
Apple in December and January: Happy New Year? “The December and January holiday period is typically quiet for most technology companies; in December they’re usually busy licking their wounds (or counting their money) and readying for the madness that is CES in early January. Apple doesn’t attend CES as a matter of course, but there was both wound-licking and money counting in abundance for the company over the festive period.”
And at Geekspeak, a few quick thoughts on Belkin buying the Linksys brand from Cisco:
Belkin Buys Linksys, But What Does That Mean To You? “If you’re in the market for a new router, or for that matter, a combined modem-router, you’ve got a few brands to pick from…”

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