2013: Week Seven: Here Be Dragons

Dragons, I tell you. With big scaly wings, breathing fire, even though that’s going to make them rather unusual creatures from a biological standpoint.

Image: minicooper93402
Little did I know when I was choosing the passphrase for my bank of NSW ATM card back in the mid 1980s that I was actually researching an article for the ABC that I’d write nearly three decades later. But there you go, and here I was this week with an article on password security for ABC’s The Drum:
One password to bring them all and in the darkness bind them: “You can’t control the breaches that may expose your passwords to criminals, but you can take some simple steps to make your online world both secure and a lot more sane, writes Alex Kidman.”
At Hydrapinion, I had a bit of a whinge about smartphone bloatware:
Smartphone Makers: Stop the bloatware!
I tipped Mark at Kotaku off about a near-complete waste of time:
Kaz-ify Your Life With This Terrible Website That No-One Should Use, Ever

Meanwhile in print, I’m in the Marçh issue of Techlife, with reviews of Karateka (yes, that Karateka), Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Heads Up! Hot Dogs, Dead Pixels, Minigore 2: Zombies, Jet Set Radio, Raiden Legacy and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It can’t be a decade old. It just can’t be. There’s also a really nice piece on battery life for popular smartphones, but that’s one of Darren Yates’ excellent efforts rather than mine.
I also don my moth-shaped accountancy suit for the February/March issue of Public Accountant — the Official Journal Of The Institute Of Public Accountants — in order to briefly go over the best smartphone apps for accountants. Does that mean I can finally add up? Probably not.

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