2013: Week Five: Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

Not that I’m either rich or famous. But I did write down a lot of quotes from some rather well-known folk I was in contact with this week.
A shortened freelancing week due to the Australia day public holiday, but the work habits of a freelancer mean that even public holidays can be writing days. As an example, on Monday, I was at Gizmodo with my first article in more than seven months:
Neil Gaiman Reveals Why Secrets Don’t Leak Out Of The Doctor Who Office
The same event — a talk that Gaiman gave at the Sydney writer’s festival — was also the basis of a longer feature at Lifehacker
Neil Gaiman on Writing, Singing and Shaving
Sir Tim Berners-Lee talks at around 3,000 words per minute, befitting of the “father of the world wide web”. I captured just some of his comments for Lifehacker:
Sir Tim Berners-Lee On Open Data, Privacy, eHealth And The Birth Of The Web
A personal thrill moment for me; I’ve been a huge fan of Red Dwarf ever since I watched the original BBC broadcasts way back in the late ’80s. Getting to interview Robert Llewellyn was a highlight of the week, albeit not the only one…
I’m Robert Llewellyn And This Is How I Work
Professional Wrestling is one of the very few “sports” that I follow (yes, sigh, I know it’s staged), and late last week I got to sit down with the WWE’s Dolph Ziggler. That became an interview at Gizmodo:
A Pro Wrestling Career: Chairshots, Cheap Jokes And… Twitter?
and a shorter feature at Lifehacker:
How Do Pro Wrestlers Handle Travel Stress?
Lifehacker still took up the majority of my writing time this week, doing a fill-in gig, albeit not as Guest Editor. Guest Contributor, I suppose. Here’s a quick highlight reel:
Will A Larger Phone Really Change Your Life?
Can Dungeons & Dragons And PDFs Co-Exist?
Testing The ALDI Fitball As A Chair
Anyone Can Play Guitar: Does That Include Me?
The Hidden Problem With The 128GB iPad
What I Like And Dislike In BlackBerry 10
Do You Have A Right To Silence In Australia?
(probably the most popular thing I wrote this week; easily the most commented. We may have a right to silence, but many choose not to use it)
The launch of Blackberry 10 also meant I turned up at the ABC’s Technology portal
RIM reinvents itself as BlackBerry, but can it still entice consumers?
As well as a 30 Seconds Of Tech video on the first BB10 phone:
But I’m not quite done yet! In print, I’m in this month’s issues of TechLife, with a multi-page review of the Wii U, reviews of Punch Quest, He-Man, Nutty Fluffies and the excellent (but very R18+) Hotline Miami. Meanwhile in APC, I’ve reviewed the HTC Windows Phone 8X and Motorola RAZR M, as well as Lego Lord Of The Rings.
Finally, I forgot to mention that I was across a whole slew of Bauer Magazines in a special TechLife insert, including a headshot, with Wii U and Xbox 360 tips and tricks. It means, technically speaking, I’ve been in Top Gear Australia magazine. Although I don’t own a white track suit… or do I?
Image: Martin Howard

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