2013: Week Seventeen: Cannot Count

Yeah, I know, there was no week Sixteen. Or, to be more strictly accurate, there was a week sixteen, but personal matters kept me away from it.

It was also a pretty darned quiet week on the Alex writing front in any case. At Geekspeak, a quick guide to Google Music:
Does Google’s Music Play your tune?
At Hydrapinion, my month-long experiment with the Blackberry Z10 concluded:
A month with a Blackberry: Is it berry good?
At ABC’s The Drum, I looked over Apple’s profit loss from a technology viewpoint (and predictably got a storm of anti- and pro-Apple comments for my trouble)
Profit slide won’t bite Apple
Three new 30 Seconds Of Tech videos
And a whole new website, although, technically speaking, that’s not been officially launched just yet. But if you were to head over to Fat Duck Tech, you’d find:
What’s with the ducks?
Do DVD/Blu-Ray extras actually matter?
As Microsoft hypes up its next Xbox, Sony shows off the Dualshock 4
Gaiman doesn’t want to be Who showrunner (but he’ll still keep writing episodes)
But, y’know, that’s just between you and me. For now. Unless you’d like to advertise.

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