As Microsoft hypes up its next Xbox, Sony shows off the Dualshock 4

Microsoft will reveal… something… on May 21st. It may be the whole console, or it may be, like Sony, a massive teaser for details to be shown later. Sony infamously showed off only a controller at its launch, and it’s now given over a few more details about what the DualShock 4 will be able to do.

It’s an interesting time to be a console fan. The Wii U is out and pretty undeniably faltering; while I seriously enjoy New Super Mario Bros U, for example, there’s just not a whole lot of software out there. Sony’s played it very coy, and Microsoft’s just starting to rev up its hype engine for its next generation Xbox… erm… Xbox 720? 1080? NextBox? Ah, what the heck, pick your own silly name as it best suits you.
In any case, there’s still no concrete word on when we’ll actually see the physical PS4 — if that matters to you — or indeed when we’ll see the PS4 launch in Australia. At this stage, it’s all rather coy, as if both Microsoft and Sony are trying to make the other side blink first.

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