Some moments that I've had, some moments of pleasure…

Random thoughts from a man just back from a weekend’s holiday…

  • It would be remiss of me not to note the recent birthday of the most important woman in my life. Sure, it’s past a few days since it occurred, and I’ve only known her for fourteen of her *cough* years, but if I’d mentioned it on her actual birthday, she would have hit me. These hot-blooded Italian women — what’s a man to do? Well, aside from remaining hopelessly devoted to their stunning beauty, of course…
  • Avocado trees can grow exceptionally big. And they don’t necessarily want to give up their precious fruit easily.
  • There’s a food place at the service station on the F3 freeway that advertises “Five star toilets”. What exactly goes into making a five star toilet? Is there, in fact a ranking scheme, a la Michelin Stars? I’d hate to see that mascot, but moreover, I’d hate to be a professional toilet critic. Talk about your job stinking….
  • We passed through Tucabia on the way back from Iluka, where we spent the weekend. It looked charming, but there’s not much online about it…
  • Well, except this. That’s your tax dollars at work, by the way.
  • I cop a lot of flack for my interest in Professional Wrestling — the sport of kings — but even I can’t explain the bidding on this. And I’m not sure I want to.
  • I have a new bike, and I’m far less fit than even I expected. Also, I had to explain to my five year old why Daddy was getting his birthday present a couple of weeks before his actual birthday. “Because Daddy had to get a bike with a baby seat on it so that Luc could come with us, sweetie” was the official line used, if you’re curious. It’s the first bike I’ve ever owned with gears, and I have to remember to actually use them — I’m far too attuned to the school that says if you want to go faster or up a hill, you just ride harder rather than smarter.
  • Having said that I purchased the bike so that Luc could ride behind me — and having procured a baby seat so that he could — I completely forgot to buy him a helmet. So he in fact can’t. I am so smart. S-M-R-T.
  • There should be a Bobble head Doll of me. Who wouldn’t buy one? I’d make a mint.
  • I must remember to take short work holiday breaks — it’s really good for my creativity. I spent this afternoon (once I’d recovered my breath from the ride home from the bike shop) writing frantically but quite well; expect to see a bunch of links to the written articles on this site shortly. I hadn’t actually taken a break where I didn’t take a laptop for writing with me for… well, ever, really in a freelancing sense. It’s liberating, although I did take a few review items with me, including a GPS which was tested on the road, so I guess I was still working in a sense. Argh! I can’t escape it, even when I want to!

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