If you break the rules, God help you fool, you've got Mr T to fear!

That’s the problem of choosing your subject lines based on what you’re listening to at the time. Sometimes, you reveal truly awful song choices. A free no-prize to the person who can identify that lyric — it shouldn’t be too hard. A second free no-prize to the person who can explain exactly why it’s sitting in my music library in the first place…
Anyway, CNET.com.au has another of my reviews up:
Sony Ericsson W200i: “The W200i is available in two colour schemes — Sony Ericsson amusingly calls them “Rhythm Black” and “Pulse White”, otherwise known outside the marketing fraternity as black or white…”
And in the “if you hurry, you might still get a copy of it” category, the most recent (or possibly second-most recent) issue of Windows Vista magazine has a roundup of Vista Notebooks, written by my good self. No cover image, as I’ve not seen a copy myself…

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