Random bletherings…

Just for the sake of it…

  • Saw Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest today. Coincidentally, I finally picked up my own copy of Sid Meier’s Pirates just beforehand. Both the game (which I already had a long borrowed copy of, thanks to the magnificence of the one and only “Big” Al) and movie were sublime for what they are — frothy action romps. Who doesn’t enjoy a good romp every now and again?
  • The sharp counterpoint to all this piratical merriment lay earlier in the day, when I was checking my trusty old Amiga 500, which was uncovered under a pile of boxes the other day. Sadly, I’m going to have to replace the word “trusty” with the word “deceased”, as all it could manage was a pitiful whining sound — and that, rather alarmingly, from the power supply. Oh, well, there go all those terrible undergraduate history essays that I slaved so hard on from ’93-’95. I can’t say I’ll miss them. Oh no… It’s just occured to me… no more SMURF HUNT!
  • Some of my writing that has re-emerged is a guide to Firefox Extensions that I co-wrote for CNET.com.au some months back; it’s been refreshed and revamped (although, to be fair, the new stuff in there isn’t mine).
  • The demands of work, children and a heavily pregnant wife are eating away at my sleep time. Exhibit One demonstrates this nicely, I think: This is me trying to get some writing work done, about five minutes ago. Time to go get the eyelid-propping matchsticks, methinks.

4 thoughts on “Random bletherings…”

  1. The Dread Pirate Blade

    Arrr! I be hav’n an A500+ that be takin up precious booty space in the forward hold. There even be a chestful of games to go wi’ it.
    Blade ‘prepare to be jolly rogered’ Girard

  2. Shiver me timbers and splice me mainsail!
    (Actually, don’t. I’ve heard that tickles, and I be ‘avin a bad throat today..)
    Thankee for the koind offer, but oi’ll pass — the missus (currently AKA as “The great white whale w’ the gold in ‘er belly) reckons oi’ve already got enough games-playin’ gear messin’ up the galley. With somethin’ like fifteen consoles or so, she moight even be right…

  3. The Dread Pirate Blade

    What? Only 15? Well, I suppose the X360, PS3 and Wii will have to slot in somewhere, along with a PSP white…

  4. Sigh.. Guesstimates always come back to bite me. Willy-waving-mode-on, then: Starting bottom-down:
    1xAtari 2600
    2xMaster System
    7xSNES (don’t ask)
    1xPSP (Not white, but white is a grub-magnet)
    So, 39. Sigh. I really need a life.

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