Life it ain't real funky, unless it's got that pop…

Just for those who might think that all this waiting… and waiting, and waiting — it seems almost inevitable that we’ll be going to term at this rate, although as soon as I say that… maybe I should shut up now — where was I? Oh yes. Ahem. I’ll start again.
I hit something of a record at today. It’s the first time (since becoming a freelancer) that I’ve had five reviews go up on the same day. Helps a little that they’re all around a central concept and for that matter manufacturer, but you get that. Used to happen quite frequently when I was fulltime there, what with reviews, newsletters, editorials, DIY guides and games reviews, but my pace has been somewhat more sedate in recent times.
Freshtel 2070 Internet Telephone: “Freshtel’s 2070 Internet Telephone is a basic but entirely usable VoIP telephone with good audio quality and simple installation…”

Freshtel Firefly:
“Firefly seems unlikely to usurp Skype as the web surfer’s voice client of choice, but it’s a decent alternative with reasonable but not spectacular calling rates…”

Freshtel 1040 Internet Telephone Headset:
“The 1040 Internet Telephone Headset isn’t the world’s greatest VoIP headset, but it’s reasonably priced, nice and light and works well enough for most PC audio applications…”

Freshtel 3010 ATA:
“Freshtel’s 3010 ATA almost pulls off being an attractive ATA, but we’ll settle for it being a stable and easy to use VoIP phone adaptor…”
Freshtel 4030 Stick Phone: “Travellers with VoIP fixations will love Freshtel’s excellent and easily transportable USB VoIP adaptor…”

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