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Sure, I’ve been working until 2am most nights this week. And both the kids have bad head colds, so they’ve been waking up around 2am most nights this week. And, as always, there’s about fifty billion things to do, from repainting rooms to crack repair to installing smoke alarms and plenty more besides. Did I mention that I’ve got the same bug as the kids?
But none of that matters.
None of it at all.
Simply because today marks a day I never thought I’d see — Di is 37 weeks pregnant today. That means that (barring things that’d floor so-called “normal” pregnancies anyway), we’ll be getting a take-home baby sometime in the next three weeks. We’ve never had one of those before — I wonder what it’s like?

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  1. As someone who had a basically 40-week baby this past Sunday (one day before due date)… It’s awesome. How neat that you’ll finally get to experience it, as Di said, with your third child. 🙂

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