At 4:29am (SA time) yesterday morning, I was asleep in a beautiful (and surprisingly cheap) apartment at the Glenelg Gateway Apartments. At 4:30am, my alarm clock went off. By 5:30am, I was on the road, sharing driving duties with my wife, with three kids in the back, ranging from four months to four years old.
At 12:15am (NSW time), we arrived back home in Sydney.
My everything hurts. How on earth did my father and step-mother do this twenty three years ago with the same number of kids, plus cats and dogs, and drive even further?

4 thoughts on “Ouch…”

  1. It was keen. Which would you rather — one rather tough day of driving with three kids in the back of the car, or two days — plus associated hotel, breakfast costs, etc?

  2. Tough choice, tough choice indeed. So far ours travel pretty well, so I’d take the former. Lots of sharing the driving though.

  3. Thankfully ours travel well, as well. There is no way we could have done that drive if they didn’t. Oh and my everything also hurt.

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