Stuff published as stuff stuffs up…

What a day it’s been. Two hour blackouts, completely incompetent Microsoft Xbox 360 support staff — maybe it’s just me, but four months to replace a dead hard drive seems a touch excessive — wobbly router performance, children throwing wobblies at the slightest provocation, and enough heat to melt what few nerves I had left.
On the plus side, there’s yet more of my writing available online today, in the form of a duet of reviews up today at
Asus F3Jm: “It commands something of a premium price, but Asus’ F3Jm doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance…”
Philips 190G6FB/97: “If you’re the type of display buyer that only wants things small and preferably thin, then the Philips 190G6FB/97 isn’t the monitor for you…”

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