Dear Mrs BP Cobar Service-Station Attendant

Your request for me to move the car along would be more acceptable if:
A) I wasn’t changing a nappy at the time. Being arm deep in infant urine doesn’t put me in the best mood.
B) You didn’t complain about “holding up customers” when in fact you didn’t have any except for me. Cobar is, after all, not exactly a thriving metropolis, bustling with its many petrol-purchasing customers. It’s more of a quiet rural town with relatively few patrons.
Sure, I moved along. And you lost a sale for snack foods. And while Cobar isn’t high on my list of holiday destinations, I know where I won’t be buying my petrol when I’m passing through from now on.
And now, back to the endless road.

2 thoughts on “Dear Mrs BP Cobar Service-Station Attendant”

  1. Lol your not very smart are you??? But I’m really curious as to how you get arm deep in urine changing a nappy, I think u may be doing something wrong there, so with that comment and your obvious lack of a education I don’t think we really want you to come back here, in fact don’t even stop to get fuel in our town, just keep on driving straight through and pull up in wilcannia and buy it from now on, lets see how you complain then

  2. Let’s see. I’m smart enough to know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, for a start.
    Also to know what a figure of speech is, for that matter.
    But I’ll take your advice into consideration if I’m ever in Cobar. I’ll almost certainly ignore it, but you can at least consider it considered.
    Oddly enough, I’d forgotten this entire episode until you responded. Then again, it was seven years ago…

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