Movember: Day 20: Mo'lten

Too hot to think. To hot to type…

Feeling hot, hot hot. And hot.
Feeling hot, hot hot. And hot.

I very nearly made myself ill today from dehydration. It was just that darned hot, although, in hindsight, walking from World Square to Martin place in 40 degree temperatures while carrying two laptops and three bags of review products wasn’t the brightest idea. Especially not when wearing jeans.
While I was perspiring until it hurt (and it did), others were giving until it hurt. Like the lovely Polly, who generously donated to my previously mentioned (you have been keeping up with the Movember blog posts, right?) Movember donation fund, bringing the raging inferno total up to…


Incredible. We’re very close to topping last year’s total… but not quite there yet. Given there’s less than two weeks to go, now’s the time to do it! Just head to my donation page and give, give, give!

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