I'm the genius behind me…

And I missed all kinds of stuff of mine that went live over the last day or so. Or in some cases, week or so. Some genius I turned out to be…
First up, MacTheBlog has my analysis of some… rather odd reliability figures:
MacTheBlog: Rotten Apples?Yes, I know there are elements of the Apple community who wouldn’t want to face the fact that their shiny über-boxes do fail, but it’s true.”
And then at CNET there’s a whole treasure trove of my content. The broadband guide’s been updated and given a shiny new coat of digital paint, and there’s a roundup of fitness games that includes several of my reviews as well. Plus standalone reviews to boot. And dragons. Mmm… dragons.
Which broadband plan is right for me? “If you’re switching to broadband for the first time or contemplating changing your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the range of plans on offer can be quite staggering. This guide will break down the key features you need to consider before signing on the dotted line.”
Best fitness games: “Traditionally, most people have considered gaming and physical fitness as mutually exclusive activities. But with the launch this year of so many exercise titles, mostly for the Nintendo Wii, the image of gamers as couch potatoes could be on shaky ground.”
WD My Passport Elite 500GB: “Desktop users who need a portable drive will find the My Passport Elite endearing, although the dock could stand to be a little more user friendly.”
Combat of Giants: Dragons: “Younger gamers who are also obsessed with fire-breathing lizards will get a real kick out of Combat Of Giants: Dragons, but Nintendo doesn’t need to worry about its Pokemon cash cow just yet.”

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