Movember: Day 19: I'll have a Mo'cha coffee…

Yeah. Still no good puns. But more donations! And another good fund raising idea!
I’m a happy chappy. I’m happy because I got another donation. This one from the lovely Corrie, who runs a PR firm with a somewhat coffee-centric name — but you’ll get more of that shortly. Corrie’s threatening to send me a company T-Shirt, and I’ve promised to wear it in a future Movember photo update when it arrives.
Which gives me an idea. Possibly not a great idea, certainly not an original idea. But heck, it’s got to be worth a try. I know I get read by various PR people, both in-agency and in-house at various IT firms. There’s nothing IT firms like more (it seems) than a good T-Shirt. So here’s the deal.
Sponsor me, and I’ll wear your T-Shirt. Your own little moment of promotion eternally enshrined here at Plus I’ll be really grateful. All you need to do is provide the donation (at least as much as Corrie’s excellent $50 offering is, I think, fair) and of course the T-Shirt.
No, I don’t work nude. Not for any amount of money.
Of course with a new donation comes a new and even higher donation total. I’m still keen to top last year’s $1,000 mark, but time is seriously running out. Right now the tally sits at….


Awesome. But we can all do better. I’m pampering the Mo’ and doing just about every silly thing I can to get folks on side to donate. Your task is much, much easier. All you have to do is go to my donation page and, well…. donate!

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