NBN backflip embraces Fibre to the Home: Vertical Hold ep 297

Hey, remember when the NBN was going to be a mostly-fibre project, but that we were never returning to that model? Turns out this week had different ideas about that.

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This week there was no bigger news item on the Australian tech agenda than the announcement that NBN Co would spend $3.5 billion to upgrade a LOT of the FTTN network to near-full FTTP. Party like it’s 2010, people!

Or… maybe not. The detail on this one is fascinating, so we’re joined by three different guests to talk through the implications of the new model and where it’s going in the future.

Phil Britt from show sponsor Aussie Broadband drops into the virtual Vertical Hold studio to talk the industry position, and then Chris Duckett from ZDNet and Supratim Adhikari from the SMH/Age join us to talk through the history, the detail and what it means for the NBN over the next 5-10 years.

I also wrote up a lot of the consumer-facing detail over at Finder.

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