Play This: Batman (1986) Retro Remake

Da na na na na na na na, Da na na na na na na na BATMAN!
Retro remakes are nothing new, and, frankly, this isn’t even a new remake to speak of. But having spent the night writing about huge phones, the day writing about phone plans while intermittently coughing up my lungs, I figure I needed a break.
If I need a break, so do you. Ritman and Drummond’s Batman has the distinction of being the first Batman game ever developed, and back in the day it was my second favourite game to play… on an Amstrad PCW. Yeah, I played games on a word processing computer. You may now judge 80’s me.

I don't recall the original being quite this trippy. At least, not on the main menu screen.
I don’t recall the original being quite this trippy. At least, not on the main menu screen.

In any case, while technically if I read the acquisition notes correctly, Ocean software is now owned by Namco Bandai of all people. Something tells me that they probably don’t even realise that they technically own this game. In any case the Batman rights have well and truly moved on since 1986. Which was, now that my brain thinks about it, thirty years ago.
As such, a remake does minimal harm to either the brand or the IP owners, because it would be a nightmare of lawyers to release this if anyone actually cared to.
Plus, hey, it’s a great, fun, isometric puzzler that can be downloaded for Windows PCs over at Retrospec. My second-favourite isometric puzzler, right after Head Over Heels.
Also, because it’s not a new remake in any way, it’ll run on any Windows PC you throw it at. You can download it here.
Oh wow. They have Head Over Heels remade too. I get the feeling my productivity just took a serious nose dive.
Play this covers games and gaming-related material you may enjoy. Or not. But hey, at least you learned something along the way.

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