Read this: Technology & refugees, Xbox One S torn apart and not-so-Mini Godzilla

I’ve spent the day in bed feeling crook, which means lots of reading across technology topics to share.

  • Your iPhone 7 rumour du jour: September 16. I do wonder if the hype shine hasn’t gone off the brand, but I’m equally sure plenty of people will buy one.
  • Tony Ibrahim’s done a really nice piece over at CHOICE on contaminated fuel, which, to the shock of nobody, isn’t terribly good for your car.
  • Nobody owns the moon, right? So why do you have to get U.S government approval to head there, presuming you’re actually capable of doing so?
  • Virtual pets, it turns out, don’t die. They just become sad shadow ghost towns on the web.
  • I love the ideas and tech behind Microsoft’s Hololens. Now all I need is three grand and a U.S shipping address. Anyone feel like being really nice to me? Don’t all line up at once! (side note: The new black when it comes to mistaken identity appears to be confusing me with Microsoft’s Alex Kipman, who’s part of the Hololens team over there. We’re not the same guy.)
  • Australia will move 2 metres next year. No, really, as a continent, we’ll officially move 2 metres next year. I wonder which political party will take responsibility or lay blame?
  • iFixit tore the Xbox One S apart. It’s kind of what they do.
  • I also spent part of my sick day with Sharknado on in the background. Yes, I’m behind the pop culture times. That movie was bad (this is probably not news to you). But it’s the perfect segue to plugging my own b-grade-thriller/exploding shark novel (a rising young genre, I think you’ll find) Sharksplosion! You can buy a copy for iOS devices here, or via Amazon here. Yes, I really did write an exploding shark b-movie novel without seeing Sharknado first. These things happen.
  • CNET’s doing some interesting coverage surrounding technology and the global refugee crisis this month. Given Australia’s shameful treatment of refugees, I’m going to be interested to see what the local team makes of this premise.
  • As you may (or may not know), I frequently take pictures of where I am with the aid of a Mini Godzilla toy. It’s a photographic prop with its own somewhat aggressive attitude, although he is quite sensibly scared of drop bears. For years, I’ve called him “Mini Godzilla”, but as it turns out, he might just be the original Godzilla, based on the fact that the big green guy has been getting much bigger over the years.

Read this is just random things I find and like. You may enjoy them too. Or not; it’s a free and wide web.

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