Optus Now is watching you… in order to watch its own network

The latest version of Optus’ Optus Now app includes a network monitoring tool that’ll tell Optus all about your mobile experience.
Most telcos — no, strike that, ALL telcos love to tell you about how wonderful their networks are. They’re visionary communications platforms of the future where nothing ever goes wrong.
Right up until it does, at which point it… LOOK AT THE SHINY iPHONE! STARE AT IT!
That aside, Optus has today announced an update to its Optus Now application that includes a curiously non-customer-centric application. It monitors your network experience as you use the app, and sends that data back to Optus HQ so that they can use it to work out which areas are blackspots, where calls drop out and so on.
Those of a tinfoil hat persuasion may be happy to note that it’s possible to opt out of data collection, and that Optus states it doesn’t charge for the data upload used while doing so. Also, bonus points to Optus for pointing out that, contrary to all the shiny marketing hype, sometimes things do go wrong with mobile networks.
Source: Optus

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