Steam Sale encore day: What should you buy?

I’ve been very, very good this time around with the Steam Summer Sale. Either that, or I’ve just been too flat out to stop and click “buy” at any particular point. As could be predicted, Steam’s offering up its “best” deals as a final encore. Which ones should you invest in?
It’s a pretty compelling pack. There’s Borderlands 2 for $16.99, Torchlight II for $4.99, Skyrim for $29.99, Dishonored for $15.29, The Walking Dead for $6.24, Bioshock Infinite for $39.99, Tomb Raider for $17.49, Civ V for $17.49 or Chivalry Medieval Warfare for $6.24.
I can’t speak with authority on all of them, but if I was picking, I’d grab Borderlands 2 for the crazy shooting action, Torchlight II for the dungeon crawling and Civ V because… it’s Civ. Do I really need a reason?
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  1. I already grabbed a lot of good sales.. I almost did grab something from the Encore day.. but there wasn’t really anything there that I really wanted. I got Fallout: New Vegas with all DLC for $4.99 on one of the previous days.. I got my extra discounted Prison Architect (which is something I wanted from Day 1 of the sales) and grabbed a whole lot of under $10 games as well.. My wallet is probably no more than $100 lighter and I probably ended up with another 10 or so games.

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